Hodlnaut Review

Hodlnaut Review: 3-months with the high yield service (plus bonus referral code)

Hodlanut is a growing crypto interest account platform that supports many top cryptocurrencies, and offers very good interest rates. We've been using Hodlnaut for about 3 months, and wanted to give our thoughts and impressions of the upcoming platform and why you should consider using it as part of your crypto journey.

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Hodlnaut is available worldwide, offers compounding interest and pays out weekly on Monday.

There are no deposit lockup terms, but there are withdrawal fees if you decide to move your funds out from Hodlnaut. These fees are nominal, but as they say in their name, it's a platform designed for HODLers, so it is most beneficial for parking your crypto for medium to long term windows to maximize your returns.

Update: Hodlnaut has added 1 free withdrawal per calendar month, which is an awesome, user-friendly benefit. While it's no Celsius Network, with unlimited free withdrawals, the improved interest rates for more coins make it a more attractive option, especially if you hold large amounts which Celsius Network tends to penalize you with more restrictive tiers.

Hodlnaut mobile app with night mode turned on

As you can see, the home screen (wallet tab) on the mobile app is eye pleasing and shows your balances at a quick glance. The pending interest payout bar is also up front and center, showing the amount of interest you are owed and will be paid on Monday. Below that, values and amounts of crypto deposited to the platform is shown.

Other tabs available along the bottom are deposit, swaps, transactions and profile/settings.

What coins does Hodlnaut support?

  • Bitcoin
  • Ethereum
  • USDC (Circle)
  • USDT (Tether)
  • DAI
  • WBTC (Wrapped Bitcoin)

Earning interest in another coin

Interest Payout Preference

Hodlnaut was one of the first (if not the first) platform to offer users to opt-in to earning their rewards in a different coin. This feature is called "payout preference" in the app or website. We used this to generate ETH on BTC as a way to grow our ETH holdings. This could be done in any supported combo you prefer. Have plenty of ETH but need BTC? You can absolutely do that.

About the Hodlnaut app and website

The website and app are generally easy to use. Hodlnaut is a fairly simple platform, focusing on a few core features instead of trying to be a complex trading tool. It allows for deposits, withdrawals and a few user based preference options. One nice feature is the real time number of pending interest earned. It's fun to watch the amount increase in real time knowing that the payout is coming on Monday.

View in options

We also like that you can easily switch "view in" between USD values, international currency and native coin values. Some platforms don't do this, but Hodlnaut makes it easy to switch around.

About tiering

In the mid-summer, Hodlnaut introduced tiered rates for coins. While we originally were upset with this decision (and Hodlnaut's ranking on our site dropped significantly), we understand this is a direction many cefi platforms are taking to help incentive and reward small crypto users over whales. However, this does make those with balances that exceed these tiers to actively balance and manage these funds to maximize their yield. We are working on new resources to help make this process easy for everyone, but simply staying on top of the interest rates as they change, and knowing what the current tiers are will get you there, just with a little bit of extra research.

Custody cover

An insurance for your funds under Hodlnaut's custody, these polices can be purchased in the app with crypto and can help give you piece of mind for making large deposits. This is one of the first crypto interest account platforms to have an active and available insurance program to help protect your individual deposits.

This program is offered only in ETH amounts (but can insure any deposited coins - just paid and valued in ETH), is valid for 30-90 day periods, and comes from a third-party called iTrust.

We did not test this functionality, but applaud Hodlnaut for offering it, but we'd like to see a tighter integration with your current funds (instead of guessing how much in ETH you'd need to protect your deposits, just offer the policy with 1 or 2 clicks). We also think the cost is prohibitive, losing most if not all of your interest gains paying for the insurance policy.

In-app swaps

Hodlnaut does have in-app swap functionality for supported coins. While we didn't test the feature, we imagine it would be useful for some. All supported coins are available for swaps.

#4 for stablecoins

Currently, Hodlnaut ranks #4 on our site for best max interest rate for stablecoins (meaning the maximum interest rate you can earn if you meet the requirements or are under the tier).

Final thoughts and scoring

Interest rates 4/5
Ease of use 5/5
Features 4/5
App design and experience 4/5

Overall, Hodlnaut is a very good option for Hodlers and yield seekers. The app is simple, easy to use and has good features that not all alternatives have. It is also available globally with few restrictions. We highly recommend funding a Hodlnaut account to the first tier (i.e. first 2 BTC, first 20 ETH) of any assets you have, and to consider alternative platforms for any remainder coins you have.

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Use referral code during signup: so2Dfnaf2

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How to add a promo code

Why Celsius Network?

Celsius Network boasts over 1 million users and is growing at an impressive rate, and for good reasons. It has no fees (no gas fees for ETH!), competitive interest rates (especially if you hold under 1 BTC or 100 ETH) and supports a large amount of cryptocurrencies.

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Haru Invest app launch and promo bonus (up to $3000)

UPDATE: This promo has now expired, but you can still use the bonus interest rate below!

Celebrating the launch of their iOS and Android app, Haru Invest has announced a spicy bonus program to encourage new deposits on their interest account platform!

Haru currently tops our Bitcoin interest rate rankings, and the new app is a pleasure to use in our review. Simple, easy to use and clean graphics make earning yield that much more enjoyable.

Here's how to earn these bonuses on the new Haru app.

Reward in BTC Deposit Required
$3,000 2 BTC / 30 ETH / 100,000 USDT
$1,250 1 BTC / 15 ETH / 50,000 USDT
$800 0.6 BTC / 9 ETH / 30,000 USDT
$250 0.2 BTC / 3 ETH / 10,000 USDT
$50 0.02 BTC / 0.3 ETH / 1,000 USDT
Haru bonuses

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These deposits need to be held for at least 90 days, as part of Haru's Earn Plus or Earn Explore program.

  • 90 days on Haru Earn Plus
  • or 3 months on Haru Earn Explore

These bonuses are paid in addition to the interest you will earn in those 90 day/3 month period, making this an especially good deal to make a qualifying deposit to the platform.

App launch promo instructions

Log into the Haru app, deposit and lock-up your supported crypto between Aug. 24 to Sept. 6, 2021 to earn your bonus BTC.

Haru promotion rules (the fine print)

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screenshots of crypto interest apps on mobile phones

Celsius Network Alternatives

Looking for the best Celsius Network alternative?

It’s fair and quite prudent that you are looking into other alternatives to Celsius. First, to ensure you are maximizing your own returns (i.e., who has the best crypto interest rates), but also to help spread out your funds across multiple services as a security hedge (never put all your eggs in one basket).

Plus, you may find certain coins only available on certain services or other add-on products that you could benefit from. Different services also have different apps, interfaces and you might find that you prefer one over the other after testing it out.

In a rush? Check out these direct comparisons of Celsius alternatives:

So, let’s find out what top Celsius Network alternatives are out there:


Hodlnaut is an upcoming Celsius Network alternative. With an insurance option, in app swaps and the option to earn interest in a different supported assets, those features are live and available now. Celsius is still working on those features with no actual ETA.

Celsius Network alternative Hodlnaut

Hodlnaut is available worldwide, and has a $20 sign up bonus.


Voyager is a US-focused service and also the only one that is a publicly listed company (if that matters to you). One stand-out feature compared to Celsius is that it supports Cardano and offers approx. 5% APY on that token.

Voyager supports around 60 tokens and is focused on offering competitive rates.

Celsius Network alternative Voyager

Voyager is offering a $25 BTC bonus when you transfer over $100 worth of BTC.


Blockfi offers interest-bearing accounts and supports a lot of the same tokens that Celsius does (BTC, ETH, and other top tokens). Blockfi also has a credit card offer that is currently available (the celsius.network credit card is still unreleased). It is a top alternative to Celsius and has been around for about the same amount of time.

Celsius Network alternative Blockfi

The BlockFi Interest Account is available to users worldwide, with a few exceptions.

Sign up for a Blockfi account here.

Is Celsius or Blockfi better?

Celsius typically has higher rates for most tokens (notably higher on BTC and ETH for up to the first coin). But their rates for other tokens are very close. Both services are now registered in the United States.


Another popular alternative to celsius.network is Crypto.com. Crypto.com has an app, interest-bearing crypto accounts and a credit card service. They also have CRO, which is their own token.

Crypto.com Earn is the interest-bearing product. Do note that Crypto.com features lockup terms, and the interest rate is impacted by the length you select (flexible (no term), 1 month or 3 months).

Celsius Network alternative Crypto.com

New users can claim $25 dollars by signing up with this link. Note: ad blockers might filter the referral code: hmbqqfpsej

We will continue to research and list the best interest-bearing crypto account services, so our community can download, test and find the best service for their specific needs. Also, check the current Celsius Network interest rates.

Celsius Network Alternative Comparisons

dark green and light green dots on green background

How (and why) to earn compounding interest with crypto

How do you earn compounding interest with crypto (ie bitcoin or ether)?

Simply put, the way to earn compounding interest it to ensure your interest savings account does actually earn compounding interest. Do not assume that this is the case, as you might be earning out on large, long term interest gains.

Coin Interest Rate now lists compounding interest on each interest account platform listed on our site. If a platform/account offers it, we say so on the page. If not, we say it doesn't.

So, why is this important?

You don't have to have an MBA or a degree in finance to understand how compounding interest will help grow your assets. Compounding interest means that you earn additional interest on the base amount plus the interest you have earned over time.

Long story short, prefer platforms/interest accounts that are giving you compounding interest. Over the long haul, you'll really see the difference.

coin interest rate circle design block in red and purple

BTC interest, how to earn

Earning BTC interest, or yielding crypto on crypto. How is this possible?

You earn bitcoin interest by lending your bitcoin out. Depositing BTC into a secure platform, such as Celsius Network or Voyager, gives them access to lend out your bitcoin in the form of loans to their customers. They then charge those customers an interest rate, and share the returns with you. This is where the yield comes from.

The customers might be institutional or retail. The loans might be large or might be small. They might be used to purchase a large item, like a person loan. There's a million reasons why people or businesses take loans. All that matters is that you are rewarded for lending out your assets in interest, and platforms need your Bitcoin to be able to lend it out.

Lockup periods

Something to watch out for when using a lending platform to earn BTC interest, is the lockup or cool-down periods. In order to make profit from your deposited funds, the platform or service needs to give it to other customers under a loan term. Some platforms allow you to remove funds at any time, while others give you an improved interest rate for keeping funds in a wallet for longer periods of time (such as 1 or 2 months). This is a key difference between Celsius Network and Blockfi, for example.

BTC Interest Accounts act like Staking, but aren't

Earning interest is a lot like Staking. Staking is another method of generating yield, and is native to certain tokens. However, Bitcoin does not offer staking as part of its protocol. ETH 2.0 will use staking to reward it's holders, without having to lend their ETH out or using defi apps.

Interest accounts bring staking like rewards to coins that otherwise do not support it natively.