3-months with the high yield service (plus bonus referral code)

Hodlnaut is a growing crypto interest account platform that supports many top cryptocurrencies and offers excellent interest rates. We’ve been using Hodlnaut for about three months and wanted to give our thoughts and impressions of the upcoming platform and why you should consider using it as part of your crypto journey.

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Hodlnaut is available worldwide, offers compounding interest, and pays out weekly on Monday.

There are no deposit lockup terms, but there are withdrawal fees if you decide to move your funds out from Hodlnaut. These fees are nominal, but as they say in their name, it’s a platform designed for HODLers, so it is most beneficial for parking your crypto for medium to long-term windows to maximize your returns.

Update: Hodlnaut has added one free withdrawal per calendar month, an awesome, user-friendly benefit. While it’s no Celsius Network, with unlimited free withdrawals, the improved interest rates for more coins make it a more attractive option, especially if you hold large amounts. Celsius Network tends to penalize you with more restrictive tiers.

Hodlnaut mobile app with night mode turned on

As you can see, the home screen (wallet tab) on the mobile app is eye-pleasing and shows your balances at a glance. The pending interest payout bar is also upfront and center, showing the total interest you are owed and can expect to be paid on Monday. Below, values and amounts of crypto deposited to the platform are shown.

Other tabs available along the bottom are deposit, swaps, transactions and profile/settings.

What coins does Hodlnaut support?

  • Bitcoin
  • Ethereum
  • USDC (Circle)
  • USDT (Tether)
  • DAI
  • WBTC (Wrapped Bitcoin)

Earning interest in another coin

hodlnaut payout preference screen
Interest Payout Preference

Hodlnaut was one of the first (if not the first) platforms to offer users the option to opt-in to earn their rewards in a different coin. This feature is called “payout preference” in the app or website. We used this to generate ETH on BTC as a way to grow our ETH holdings. This could be done in any supported combo you prefer. Have plenty of ETH but need BTC? You can absolutely do that.

About the Hodlnaut app and website

The website and app are generally easy to use. Hodlnaut is a fairly straightforward platform, focusing on a few core features instead of trying to be a complex trading tool. It allows for deposits, withdrawals, and a few user-based preference options. One nice feature is the real-time number of pending interest earned. It’s fun to watch the amount increase in real-time, knowing that the payout is coming on Monday.

hodlnaut review language selection
View in options

We also like that you can easily switch “view in” between USD values, international currency, and native coin values. Some platforms don’t do this, but Hodlnaut makes it easy to switch around.

About tiering

In the mid-summer, Hodlnaut introduced tiered rates for coins. While we initially were upset with this decision (and Hodlnaut’s ranking on our site dropped significantly), we understand this is a direction many cefi platforms are taking to help incentivize and reward small crypto users over whales. However, this does make those with balances that exceed these tiers have to actively balance and manage these funds to maximize their yield. We are working on new resources to help make this process easy for everyone, but simply staying on top of the interest rates as they change and knowing the current tiers will get you there, just with a little bit of extra research.

Custody cover

An insurance for your funds under Hodlnaut’s custody, these policies can be purchased in the app with crypto and can help give you peace of mind for making large deposits. This is one of the first crypto interest account platforms to have an active and available insurance program to help protect your deposits.

This program is offered only in ETH amounts (but can ensure any deposited coins – just paid and valued in ETH), is valid for 30-90 day periods, and comes from a third party called iTrust.

We did not test this functionality but applauded Hodlnaut for offering it. Still, we’d like to see tighter integration with your current funds (instead of guessing how much in ETH you’d need to protect your deposits, just offer the policy with 1 or 2 clicks). We also think the cost is prohibitive, forfeiting most if not all of your interest gains to pay for the insurance policy.

In-app swaps

Hodlnaut does have in-app swap functionality for supported coins. While we didn’t test the feature, we imagine it will be useful for some. All supported coins are available for swaps.

#4 for stablecoins

Currently, Hodlnaut ranks #4 on our site for the best max interest rate for stablecoins (the maximum interest rate you can earn if you meet the requirements or are under the tier).

Final thoughts and scoring

Interest rates 4/5
Ease of use 5/5
Features 4/5
App design and experience 4/5

Overall, Hodlnaut is an excellent option for Hodlers and yield seekers. The app is simple, easy to use, and has good features that not all alternatives have. It is also available globally with few restrictions. We highly recommend funding a Hodlnaut account to the first tier (i.e., first 2 BTC, first 20 ETH) of any assets you have and then consider alternative platforms for any remainder coins you have.

Hodlnaut referral code: Get a $30 USD bonus when you deposit $1000 USD
Use referral code during signup: so2Dfnaf2

Learn more about Hodlnaut’s current interest rates or sign up today. Using the bonus/referral code above will get you an extra $30 dollars.