How to earn the most yield/interest with Haru Invest

How to earn the most yield/interest with Haru Invest

Haru 2% Cashback

Haru Invest is a popular, growing crypto interest account platform that offers high-interest rates for your deposited crypto. In fact, it’s been a leader in our crypto interest rate charts since we started tracking the service.

Haru Invest offers a few unique wallets (or products as we’ll refer to them from now on) in its app and website, and it’s not obvious at first glance what the differences are or advantage is for each product.

We’ve been using the platform for over two years, have learned the ins and outs of each product, and can help you get the most interest as a Haru user.

First, we will break down the unique products: Haru Wallet, Haru Earn Plus and Haru Earn Explore. We’ll tell you what each is best for and the weakness of each. Then, armed with this new knowledge, you can go forth and be an expert, informed Haru Invest user, and be confident in knowing you are earning the most interest you can, based upon your specific needs.

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haru invest lockup terms and interest rates
Haru’s different products offer different lockup terms and interest rates

Haru Wallet

haru invest wallet
Haru Wallet

Wallet is the default product where your crypto is initially deposited when using Haru. You do not need to do anything special; you will automatically earn the default/base interest rates on these funds. Funds in the wallet can be removed or deposited into the other programs at any time.

  • Pros: 100% flexible; you can remove this crypto off of Haru at any time
  • Cons: the lowest interest rates Haru offers

Earn Plus

haru invest earn plus screenshot
Haru Earn Plus

Earn Plus is the next step up, for when you are comfortable locking up your crypto for at least 15 days. You earn the least yield with 15 days lockup, or you can earn the most with a 1-year (365-day lockup). You select the number of days, and will see the APY interest rate update in real time before committing.

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You can set these funds to auto-renew into a new lockup with the same duration or have them expire, and all funds to be returned to the default Haru Wallet. The Earn tab will show the amount of days left in any lockups within Earn Plus, so it’s easy to know when the funds will be released.

Note: you can have as many independent Earn Plus lockups as you wish, each of them expiring and earning different rates.

To get started with Earn Plus, click EARN > START EARN PLUS.

  • Pros: interest rates are better than the already good base rates; 30 days feels like a sweet spot
  • Cons: you’ll need to know how long you want to lock up your crypto up front and cannot withdraw the principal until that date expires

Haru Earn Explore

Haru’s Earn Explore offers the greatest return of all its products

Earn Explore sounds and is marketed like a more advanced product, but in reality, it is just as easy to use as Earn Explore.

One of the biggest differences with Earn Explore is that you need to lock up your crypto for three months, which may seem like a long time, but if you aren’t an active trader or will be needing your crypto in the immediate future, can be a very reasonable term. The other big difference is that returns aren’t guaranteed and are merely targets; the performance will fluctuate on the success or failure of Haru’s trading. That said, we’ve seen Haru meet the anticipated returns each time we’ve used Earn Explore.

Note: Stablecoins can be locked up for a shorter term of 1 month for 20%+ APR, unlike the 3-month lockup required for BTC or ETH.

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  • Pros: exceptional interest rates for BTC, ETH, and USD-based stablecoins
  • Cons: 3-month term might be too long for some, and actual returns vary upon market dynamics


So, there you have it, our guide to the three unique products inside Haru Invest.

If you haven’t tested out Earn Plus or Earn Explore yet, we highly encourage you to do so. You’ll see how easy they are to set up, and you’ll be confident that you are earning more yield from the Haru platform.

If you have any questions, please let us know below. We’ll continue to bring you guides, updates, and info to help you earn more crypto right here at Coin Interest Rate.