Haru Invest - Trusted Since Day One

Earning high-interest rates with your Ethereum is pretty simple when you compare the interest rates of top services. The crypto interest account platforms below are popular, safe, and offer potent yields.

Generally, all you need to do is deposit your funds into their service, and enjoy the passive returns.

Now, on to our recommendation for the best Ethereum savings platforms.

Haru Invest

Earn up to 15.1%

Haru Invest has long topped our interest rate charts. In fact, since the launch of our website, Haru has been unbeatable with their very aggressive ETH interest rates.

haru crypto interest account graphic

Interest rates on Haru are impacted by the deposit term you join. If you don’t lock up any ETH, you earn at the base rate.

Check out our page on Haru Invest for full details, screenshots, and promo codes.


Earn up to 7.2%

Hodlnaut is becoming our favorite service to refer to new users. Why so? Because it’s a very simple, easy-to-use service. It’s not overly complex, or overloaded, with a large number of features or cryptocurrencies. Payouts are weekly.

Hodlnaut Crypto Interest Rates

Your interest rate depends on how many coins you have (we call this tiering).

Learn more about Hodlnaut.

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