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Looking for the best Celsius Network alternative?

It’s fair and reasonably prudent that you look into other alternatives to Celsius. First, to ensure you maximize your returns (i.e., who has the best crypto interest rates), and second, to help spread your funds across multiple services as a security hedge (never put all your eggs in one basket).

Plus, you may find certain coins only available on specific services or other add-on products that you could benefit from. Different services also have different apps, interfaces and you might find that you prefer one over the other after testing it out.

In a rush? Check out these direct comparisons of Celsius alternatives:

So, let’s find out what top Celsius Network alternatives are out there:


Hodlnaut is an upcoming Celsius Network alternative. With an insurance option, in-app swaps, and the option to earn interest in different supported assets, those features are live and available now. Celsius is still working on those features with no actual ETA.

hodlnaut mobile view - dark
Celsius Network alternative Hodlnaut

Hodlnaut is available worldwide and has a $20 sign-up bonus.


Voyager is a US-focused service and the only publicly listed company (if that matters to you). One stand-out feature compared to Celsius is that it supports Cardano and offers approx. 5% APY on that token.

Voyager supports around 60 tokens and is focused on offering competitive rates.

voyager bitcoin crypto interest rate page screenshot
Celsius Network alternative Voyager

Voyager is offering a $25 BTC bonus when you transfer over $100 worth of BTC.


Blockfi offers interest-bearing accounts and supports many of the same tokens that Celsius does (BTC, ETH, and other top tokens). Blockfi also has a credit card offer that is currently available (the Celsius.network credit card is still unreleased). It is a top alternative to Celsius and has been around for about the same amount of time.

blockfi app buy/sell screen shown on mobile phone
Celsius Network alternative Blockfi

The BlockFi Interest Account is available to users worldwide, with a few exceptions.

Sign up for a Blockfi account here.

Is Celsius or Blockfi better?

Celsius typically has higher rates for most tokens (notably higher on BTC and ETH for up to the first coin). But their rates for other tokens are very close. Both services are now registered in the United States.


Another popular alternative to Celsius.network is Crypto.com. Crypto.com has an app, interest-bearing crypto accounts and a credit card service. They also have CRO, which is their own token.

Crypto.com Earn is the interest-bearing product. Do note that Crypto.com features lockup terms, and the interest rate is impacted by the length you select (flexible (no term), 1 month or 3 months).

Crypto.com Main Menu
Celsius Network alternative Crypto.com

New users can claim $25 dollars by signing up with this link. Note: adblockers might filter the referral code: hmbqqfpsej

We will continue to research and list the best interest-bearing crypto account services, so our community can download, test and find the best service for their specific needs. Also, check the current Celsius Network interest rates.