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Haru Invest - Earn up to 12.8%

Haru Invest referral code coininterestrate is an easy and instant way for investors to lock in a 0.2% lifetime boost on their crypto earnings.

Haru Promo, long-term earnings for the HODLers

When you use Haru’s promo/referral code coininterestrate at signup, your account immediately locks in a 0.2% earnings boost that will generate yields on your assets for the lifespan of your account.

Haru’s two most popular crypto earning accounts, Haru Wallet / Earn and Haru Earn Plus, are eligible for the boosted 0.2% earn rate on your Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Stablecoin. However, at this time, this bonus is not applicable for Haru Earn Explore.

Haru Earn (wallet)

The Haru Wallet, or Haru Earn, is the low-risk option of the platform. It serves as a simple savings account and is an excellent option for new investors who are laying the foundation for sustainable passive income streams.

  • No lock-up periods
  • Extremely flexible
  • Instant liquidity
  • Compounding interest paid daily and directly into your wallet

Haru Earn Plus

Earn Plus is a fixed-duration earning product. You receive more significant rewards for locking up your assets for predetermined periods, typically ranging from 15-365 days at a time.

  • Minimum 15-day lock-up
  • Can withdraw earnings at any time
  • Earnings compound daily
  • premature withdrawal during the required lock-up period is not available
haru invest referral code for bonus interest rewards

Show me the boosts

For example, let’s say that you have 10 bitcoin, currently valued at $30k, and today you move them to Haru Earn; your assets will start earning interest at 5.7% APR. Time passes, you HODL, rates fluctuate slightly but generally stay around 5.7%, and before you know it, those daily compound earnings have been pouring in for a year straight.

10 BTC + 365 compounded interest rewards @ 5.7% puts you with an extra 0.58651 Bitcoin sitting in your wallet, taking your 10 BTC to 10.58651 BTC for one year of doing, literally, nothing.

Now back to our theoretical today with you and your 10 bitcoin, still only valued at around $30k, you opt to take the same earnings path with no lock-ups. This time, you boost your account on signup by using the coininterestrate promo. The 5.7% interest your assets earned previously has been set to 5.9%. Fast forward 365 days of receiving compounded earnings, and you are now holding an additional 0.60770 bitcoin.

If bitcoin stays where it is at today, in one year you would have earned:

no boost | $30k x 0.58651 = $17,595
w/ boost | $30k x 0.60770 = $18,230

If bitcoin hits $100k, in one year you would have earned….

no boost | $100k x 0.58651 = $58,650
w/ boost | $100k x 0.60770 = $60,770

Haru sign up bonus 2022

(Don’t sign up without it!)

Use code coininterestrate when signing up for a new Haru Invest account and score a spicy boost to Haru’s already impressive interest rates. The promo code is currently only available for investors who are new to the Haru platform and can be entered manually (copy+paste; don’t typo!) as you breeze through the account registration process, or you can simply follow our referral link and the code will be prepopulated for you.

haru bonus coininterestrate
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