AAX Interest Rates

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Current AAX Interest Rates

Bitcoin APY
4.5% - 9%
Ethereum APY
4.5% - 9%
Stablecoin(s) APY
7.14% - 14.49%
Conditions/Requirements for max AAX Interest Rate

Subscription for 7-365 days, depending on coin.

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  • Availability: Not available in the US

  • Compounding Interest: Yes
  • Payouts: Every minute
  • Deposit Lockup Terms: Flexible or subscription (7-365 days)
  • Withdrawal Fees: None


AAX is an exchange focused platform with savings account features. The savings program, called AAX Savings, offers subscriptions (or what they call fixed term deposits) with generous rates.

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AAX Alternatives

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AAX Pros

  • Large coin support
  • Great rates for fixed deposits

AAX Cons

  • Fixed deposits required for many coins


Is AAX interest compounded?

Yes, AAX compounds interest.

How often do you recieve payouts at AAX?

Every minute.

Where is AAX headquartered/located?

AAX is located in Chicago, USA.

Where is AAX available (what countries is AAX available)?

Not available in the US.

When was AAX founded?

AAX was founded in 2019.

Is AAX legitimate?

Yes, AAX is legitimate. Located in Chicago, USA, they follow local regulations and only serve customers in areas ruled by those jurisdictions. AAX has been in business since 2019.

Does AAX pay interest on Bitcoin?

Yes, AAX pays interest on Bitcoin.

Does AAX pay interest on Ethereum?

Yes, AAX pays interest on Ethereum.

Does AAX pay interest on Dogecoin?

No, AAX does not support Dogecoin.

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