Abra Interest Rates

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1.75% - 6.75%

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2.65% - 7.65%

USDx Stablecoin Any supported USD-based stablecoin, such as USDC/USDT

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7.5% - 12.5%

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2% - 7%

Interest rates last updated September 8, 2022.

Abra Facts

Abra Facts

Founded 2014

Compounding interest


Withdrawal fees

Yes (network fees only)



Lockup terms




Join Abra abra.com

Conditions/Requirements for max Abra Interest Rate

Bonus interest rates available in Abra’s loyalty program (must hold % in CPRX token)

Abra Review

Abra Pros

  • CPRX program could grow in value, but is speculative
  • Available globally

Abra Cons

  • Best rates/bonuses require CPRX
Lending block

Abra is a powerful and easy to use cryptocurrency application to trade, earn and borrow with your crypto.

Abra Earn is a crypto interest account, allowing you to deposit and earn interest-in-kind on many cryptocurrencies. Abra Earn supports BTC, BCH, ETH, LTC, PAX, XLM, and many stablecoins (like TUSD, USDC and USDT). Abra Earn features daily compounded interest and payouts are made weekly.

Abra is the first service to support CPRX (Crypto Perx), a perk token for rewarding its users. CPRX is not owned by Abra.

Abra credit card

Abra has announced a partnership with American Express to offer a crypto rewards credit card, the first from AMEX. The card is not available yet, but a waitlist is open.

Abra risks (is Abra safe?)

Abra has demonstrated good financial health in the current volatile market, and has not limited its service at all, unlike others.

While Abra Earn’s interest rates aren’t industry topping, they have proven the platform is healthy and all services by Abra have been uninterrupted.

Abra Loyalty Program

Abra's Loyalty Program
Abra’s Loyalty Tiers: Ignite, Launch, Cruise, Orbit, To The Moon

Overall Abra Review and Score

Interest rates 3/5
Ease of use 4/5
Features 4/5
Security/Safety 4/5
App design and experience 3/5

Overall score: 4/5, Very Good

Where does Abra rank?

Abra New User Bonus / Referral Code

Earn $40 in crypto with $15 deposit

Abra Alternatives

Abra FAQ

Is Abra interest compounded?

Yes, Abra compounds interest.

How often do you receive payouts at Abra?


Where is the Abra headquartered/located?

Abra is located in Mountain View, CA.

Where is Abra available (what countries is Abra available)?


When was Abra founded?

Abra was founded in 2014.

Is Abra available in the USA?

Yes, Abra is available in the USA.

Is Abra legitimate?

Yes, Abra is legitimate. Located in Mountain View, CA, they follow local regulations and only serve customers in areas ruled by those jurisdictions. Abra has been in business since 2014.

Does Abra pay interest on Bitcoin?

Yes, Abra pays interest on Bitcoin.

Does Abra pay interest on Ethereum?

Yes, Abra pays interest on Ethereum.

Does Abra pay interest on Dogecoin?

No, Abra does not support Dogecoin.

Questions or comments about Abra?

Our team is here to answer them.