amber. Interest Rates

amber. Facts

amber. Facts

Founded 2017

Compounding interest


Withdrawal fees

Yes, flat transaction fee


Australia, majority of USA

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Nexo: Get $500

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Nexo: Get $500

Amber (not to be confused with Amber Pro) is a custodial Bitcoin savings wallet. It offers DCA (dollar-cost averaging) tools and other automation that can help you easily acquire Bitcoin over time using your traditional bank account.

amber. does not currently pay interest on your holdings.

Based in Brisbane, Australia, Amber is on a mission to create solutions that make Bitcoin more accessible. Amber has been praised as the world’s first Bitcoin accumulation app, facilitating the safest and easiest location for investors to buy and sell Bitcoin instantly while managing their own unique recurring investment schedule.


Amber is available in Australia and the majority of the USA. (states not supported as of 6/14/22 – Connecticut, Hawaii, New York, New Hampshire, Texas, Vermont, Virginia)

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amber. Pros

  • Instant buy, instant sell
  • Automated recurring purchases
  • EFT, Credit Card and PayID
  • USD withdrawals are free
  • Uses cold storage in a collaborative multi-signature setup for our custodial wallets

amber. Cons

  • Does not currently pay interest on holdings
  • Bitcoin withdrawals incur a flat 0.0003BTC (30,000 sats) transaction fee

Where does amber. rank?

amber. New User Bonus / Referral Code

$10 BTC with first purchase

amber. Alternatives

amber. FAQ

Is amber. interest compounded?

No, amber. does not compound interest.

Where is the amber. headquartered/located?

amber. is located in Australia.

Where is amber. available (what countries is amber. available)?

Australia, majority of USA.

When was amber. founded?

amber. was founded in 2017.

Is amber. available in the USA?

Yes, amber. is available in the USA.

Does amber. pay interest on Bitcoin?

No, amber. does not pay interest on Bitcoin.

Does amber. pay interest on Ethereum?

No, amber. does not pay interest on Ethereum.

Does amber. pay interest on Dogecoin?

No, amber. does not support Dogecoin.

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