Celsius Network Interest Rates

Celsius Network
Bonus or promo code$40 BTC with $400 deposit. Hold 30 days.

Current Crypto Interest Rates for Celsius Network

3.51% STEADY 5.05% STEADY 4.08% STEADY 8.88%

Interest rate last updated on July 27, 2021

*Note Coin Interest Rate only lists the lowest interest rate for coins, not bonus rates for low quantities.

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  • Compounding Interest: Yes
  • Payouts: Every Monday
  • Deposit Lockup Terms: None
  • Network Token/Coin: CEL

Celsius Network

Celsius Network is a great player in the crypto interest space. With 80% profits returned to its users, its rates are usually amongst the best available.

Celsius Network also is working on a rewarding credit card program with Visa, and is rolling out “proof of community” features in the form of a block explorer, so you can verify the rewards the community is earning in an anonymized manner.

Celsius Promo Codes

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Celsius Network Pros

  • No fees (for withdrawals)
  • No lockup periods or withdrawal limits
  • Generous promos and referral bonuses

Celsius Network Cons

  • Only one whitelisted withdrawal address per coin (24 hours to change address)
  • Buying on platform isn’t cost effective (use an exchange instead)
  • No in-app swaps (yet)
  • App requires frequent re-logging in


Is Celsius Network interest compounded?

Yes, Celsius Network compounds interest.

How often do you recieve payouts at Celsius Network?

Every Monday

Where is Celsius Network headquartered/located?

Celsius Network is located in NJ, USA

Where is Celsius Network available (what countries is Celsius Network available)?

All countries which the United States, the United Kingdom or the European Union does not impose financial sanctions or embargoes.

When was Celsius Network founded?

Celsius Network was founded in 2017

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