MyConstant Interest Rates

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4% - 4.8%

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4% - 4.8%

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12.5% - 15%

4% - 4.8%

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4% - 4.8%

Rates last updated June 30, 2022.

MyConstant Facts

MyConstant Facts

Founded 2018

Compounding interest


Withdrawal fees





Every Second

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Conditions/Requirements for max MyConstant Interest Rate

Must hold MCT token

MyConstant Review

MyConstant Pros

  • Withdraw anytime, no fees, no lock-up
  • High TrustPilot review score
  • Competitive stablecoin rates

MyConstant Cons

  • Certain coins may be capped and not accept new deposits
Haru Invest (Earn up to 15%)

Established in 2019, MyConstant is an investment platform offering a range of investment products that suit every financial goal and risk appetite with the best interest rates.

As of May 2022, MyConstant has 200,000+ users, 70+ supported cryptocurrencies and 1,400+ TrustPilot reviews (4.7 stars average).

For crypto lending, MyConstant currently supports and pays interest for:

  • USDT
  • USDC
  • BTC
  • ETH
  • SOL
  • BNB
  • DOT
  • + more

Interest is compounded and paid every second. You can withdraw interest or principal at any time with zero fees.

Some coins may be temporarily capped and will not earn interest (this is noted before deposit).

MyConstant Review

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MyConstant FAQ

Is MyConstant interest compounded?

Yes, MyConstant compounds interest.

How often do you receive payouts at MyConstant?

Every Second.

Where is the MyConstant headquartered/located?

MyConstant is located in Redlands, CA.

Where is MyConstant available (what countries is MyConstant available)?


When was MyConstant founded?

MyConstant was founded in 2018.

Is MyConstant available in the USA?

Yes, MyConstant is available in the USA.

Is MyConstant legitimate?

Yes, MyConstant is legitimate. Located in Redlands, CA, they follow local regulations and only serve customers in areas ruled by those jurisdictions. MyConstant has been in business since 2018.

Does MyConstant pay interest on Bitcoin?

Yes, MyConstant pays interest on Bitcoin.

Does MyConstant pay interest on Ethereum?

Yes, MyConstant pays interest on Ethereum.

Does MyConstant pay interest on Dogecoin?

No, MyConstant does not support Dogecoin.

Questions or comments about MyConstant?

Our team is here to answer them.