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Syrup is not available or limited in the US. See USA crypto interest accounts available for US users.

Syrup Interest Rates

USD Stablecoin Any supported USD-based stablecoin, such as USDC/USDT


Syrup Facts

Syrup Facts

Founded 2024

Compounding interest



Worldwide (excluding US, Australia and OFAC sanctioned countries)

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Nexo: Get $500

Conditions/Requirements for max Syrup Interest Rate

Lockup deposits for 6 months for maximum returns

Syrup Review

Nexo: Get $500

Syrup, powered by Maple Finance, is a new decentralized protocol that builds on their expertise in institutional digital asset lending, offering widespread access to secure, high-quality yields for USDC. This new product merges Maple’s renowned lending infrastructure with the flexibility and inclusivity of DeFi.

The Syrup platform gives users permissionless access to secured, institutional lending. By depositing USDC into the platform, users receive LP tokens (syrupUSDC) and start earning yield immediately. All yield generated by Syrup comes from secured loans to major institutions in the crypto space, fully collateralized with digital assets.

Syrup offers competitive yields by leveraging Maple’s powerful lending infrastructure, Syrup delivers unmatched risk-adjusted yields.

Syrup is not available currently, but you can join the wait list for early access. Deposits will open approx. June 10, 2024.

Early users of Syrup.fi will be rewarded through “Drips”. Participants will earn Drips for deposits, with additional reward boosts for locking their deposits for up to 6 months.

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Syrup Pros

  • Open, permissionless access to yield
  • “Drips” give early users additional financial incentives

Syrup Cons

Where does Syrup rank?

Syrup Alternatives

Syrup FAQ

Is Syrup interest compounded?

Yes, Syrup compounds interest.

Where is Syrup available (what countries is Syrup available)?

Worldwide (excluding US, Australia and OFAC sanctioned countries).

When was Syrup founded?

Syrup was founded in 2024.

Is Syrup available in the USA?

No, Syrup is not available in the USA.

Does Syrup pay interest on Bitcoin?

No, Syrup does not pay interest on Bitcoin.

Does Syrup pay interest on Ethereum?

No, Syrup does not pay interest on Ethereum.

Does Syrup pay interest on Dogecoin?

No, Syrup does not support Dogecoin.

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