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  • Flynt Finance Q&A

    Flynt Finance Q&A

    Flynt Finance is a crypto platform that pays high interest by utilizing trading strategies to earn yield. Each week, users subscribe to individual strategies and on Wednesday and Friday the results and returns are made. We had the opportunity to talk with the team at Flynt Finance, to help better understand the platform, understand the…

  • How to Earn Interest on Ethereum (Up to 40% APY)

    How to Earn Interest on Ethereum (Up to 40% APY)

    The world of cryptocurrency is not only about trading and making gains on price fluctuations. A smart investor can use various strategies to earn interest on their Ethereum (ETH). This guides aims to teach you on how to earn interest on Ethereum, learn about DeFi protocols with their pros and cons and then learn about…

  • How to Earn Interest on Bitcoin (up to 40% APY)

    How to Earn Interest on Bitcoin (up to 40% APY)

    Bitcoin has become one of the most popular cryptocurrencies in the world, with millions of people investing in it for its potential to generate high returns; however, many investors are not aware that they can also earn interest on their Bitcoin holdings with a crypto interest or savings account, which can help them generate even…

  • Managing crypto lending risks

    Managing crypto lending risks

    2022 has been a tough year in cryptocurrency. We’ve seen many crypto lending platforms go bankrupt, a stablecoin de-peg (USDT) and take down a top 20 coin (Luna), and even a leading global exchange (FTX) become insolvent seemingly overnight. How can you help manage your risks in this tumultuous environment? Hedge your bets By taking…

  • Lending risks in the current market

    Lending risks in the current market

    This post is from 2022, so it contains some dated information. However, there is still valid and important information you should consider. While it would be easier to just stick our head in the sand and ignore the recent anxiety-inducing headlines impacting some of the most popular crypto interest platforms, we’d rather share an update…

  • Which crypto earns the most interest?

    Which crypto earns the most interest?

    Welcome to Coin Interest Rate, where we track and index the top crypto interest account platforms. So, which crypto earns the most interest, you ask? USD-based stablecoins are currently the crypto that earns the highest interest by rate. Stablecoins currently earn approximately 7-12% interest rate APY when deposited into a crypto interest account (or lending…