If you are looking for easy and free ways to earn Bitcoin, look no further. Below we have outlined 3 super simple ways to earn Bitcoin each and every day.

But first, why are these apps or companies giving out free bitcoin? Well, they can be seen as “loss leaders” to attract new users and entice users to create new daily habits. There is probably also a lot of positive brand reinforcement that comes alongside with getting free bitcoin just for visiting their app once a day and tapping a button.

Now that we know why, let’s get into the how…

“Mining” with Bitcoin Cloud Miner

Earn free bitcoin with this Bitcoin Cloud Miner
Bitcoin Cloud Miner, powered by Stormgain

The Bitcoin Cloud Miner, brought to you by Stormgain, requires you to click a button and solve a captcha once every 4 hours. Boom, Free bitcoin.

Note this service is not available in the US. But for those that can, as a bonus you will get $3 USDC when signing up.

This cloud miner is actually one of the fastest way to earn free bitcoin, since you can do it multiple times a day and the amount you earn is relatively higher than the other options on this list.

To start, create an account at Stormgain. Then sign into their site, click MINER at the top, and click the button once every four hours.

Even though they call this mining, you are not using any resources on your local machine, so you can close the tab and move on with your life. Just remember to come back 🙂

lolli's Daily Stack screenshot
lolli’s Daily Stack Reward

Free bitcoin from lolli

lolli is a crypto-cash-back app. By using the links inside their app on other online stores and services, you get cash-back in the form of crypto for each successful transaction.

lolli also offers the “Daily Stack” program that gives out free bitcoin every 24 hours. Just open the app, and click CLAIM DAILY STACK. The amount of your daily stack is randomized, but you will earn a small amount of Bitcoin every time you claim. This stack can be claimed every 24 hours, so it’s useful to add it to your daily habit.

Use this code (4T2MQH) to create your lolli account now, and start claiming free bitcoin once a day.

True story, we know someone who hit the lolli jackpot in 2020 and randomly got over $500 in bitcoin.

Fold’s Daily Spin for free bitcoin

Earn free bitcoin with Fold's Daily Spin
Fold’s Daily Spin gives out free bitcoin each day

Fold is a cryptocurrency debit card app with a cool few bonus features. For those interested in earning free Bitcoin, they have a daily spin feature that gives out random amounts of Bitcoin (the debit card is not required, but some of the rewards on the wheel are tied to the debit card, so we’d recommend considering it, even if you don’t actually plan to use it).

Here is how to earn free bitcoin with Fold:

  • Download and signup for Fold
  • Open the Fold app and click SPIN (top left icon)
  • Come back the next day and spin again

You earn a bonus 5000 sats (the smallest amount of Bitcoin unit is called a Satoshi, or 1 sat) if you sign up for their debit card, but again, it is not required to claim the free bitcoin spins.

The Daily Spin is available once a day at 9 a.m. your local time, so it’s best to set a reminder of get in the routine of spinning once per day.

So, there you have it. 3 totally free ways to earn bitcoin, without requiring any money upfront, just a little bit of time each day. And when you get a sizable amount of Bitcoin built up, come on back and check out our site to see who will pay you the most interest to keep it on their wallet (it’s kinda our thing).

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