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M2 is not available or limited in the US. See USA crypto interest accounts available for US users.

M2 Interest Rates

BTC Bitcoin

3.1% - 10.5%

ETH Ethereum

3% - 10.5%

USD Stablecoin Any supported USD-based stablecoin, such as USDC/USDT

5.2% - 11%

SOL Solana

3% - 6%

DOGE Dogecoin

1.8% - 5.6%

M2 Facts

M2 Facts

Founded 2023

Compounding interest


Withdrawal fees



Not available in the US

Lockup terms

0-360 days


Daily (must be redeemed)

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Conditions/Requirements for max M2 Interest Rate

Burn MXX tokens to earn top rates

M2 Review

Nexo: Get $500

M2 is a new crypto exchange and crypto interest account platform.

It pays interest on BTC, USDT, ETH, SOL, DOGE and other altcoins.

M2 Earn screen

Choose an Earn Plan

You will see three earning plans: Flexible, Fixed, and Custom. Choose the plan that best suits your investment goals and risk tolerance.

  • Fixed: This plan has a fixed term, usually ranging from 30 to 365 days, and offers a higher APY than the Flexible plan. Once you subscribe to a Fixed plan, you cannot withdraw your assets until the end of the term without paying a penalty.
  • Customized: This plan is similar to Fixed plan but allows you to choose any number of days for a fixed term.
  • Flexible: This plan allows you to deposit and withdraw your assets at any time, with no lock-up period or penalty.

Activate an Earn Plan

Once you have chosen your Earn plan, click on the ‘Start Earning’ button to enroll. Follow the prompts to select the asset you wish to deposit and the amount you want to invest.

You will then need to confirm the transaction to complete the enrollment.

β€―Track your active Earn plans.

After enrolling in a plan, you can check your active Earn plan by clicking on the “Current Earnings” tab on the Earn page.

  • Asset name and symbol
  • Average APY (annualized percentage yield)
  • Asset amount you hold excluding locked/frozen/in earning amounts.
  • Total earned accumulated earned asset amount for existing plans in USD equivalent.
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M2 Pros

  • Competitive interest rates

M2 Cons

  • Lockup required for best rates
  • Earnings must be ‘redeemed’

Where does M2 rank?

M2 Alternatives


Is M2 interest compounded?

Yes, M2 compounds interest.

How often do you receive payouts at M2?

Daily (must be redeemed).

Where is the M2 headquartered/located?

M2 is located in UAE.

Where is M2 available (what countries is M2 available)?

Not available in the US.

When was M2 founded?

M2 was founded in 2023.

Is M2 available in the USA?

No, M2 is not available in the USA.

Does M2 pay interest on Bitcoin?

Yes, M2 pays interest on Bitcoin.

Does M2 pay interest on Ethereum?

Yes, M2 pays interest on Ethereum.

Does M2 pay interest on Dogecoin?

Yes, M2 pays interest on Dogecoin.

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