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Top Crypto Interest Accounts

Top Crypto Interest Accounts


Finding the top crypto interest account platforms

How to earn up to 15% on your cryptocurrency

Crypto interest accounts are interest-bearing savings accounts that support popular cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin or Ether. These digital wallets and platforms are a great way to store and earn yield instead of simply letting them sit idle in a standard wallet. Custodial interest account platforms Nexo and are competitive services that payout interest rewards in the same crypto you hold in their wallets. It’s the perfect option for HODLers.

What platform offers the best crypto interest accounts?

When picking out the best crypto interest platform for your exact needs, there are many factors to consider.

  • First: What interest rate are they currently paying?
  • Second: What are the historical rates, and how often do they change? (what good is a high-interest rate if it doesn’t last?)
  • Third: Other details would be such as:
    • Does the savings account earn compound interest (interest paid on principal plus accumulated interest)?
    • How quickly will you begin earning? Do you need to meet a minimum deposit first?
    • How often will you receive your interest earnings? (daily/weekly/monthly)
    • What, if any, are the withdrawal fees and direct costs to you when you decide to remove those funds?

Crypto holdings should be balanced in the most rewarding service with high yields to maximize your return on these digital holdings over the long term.

How to earn yield on your crypto holdings

How can you earn interest on Bitcoin, which is seen as a deflationary asset? The answer is to deposit your Bitcoin into a crypto interest account, which we index and cover heavily on this site. These digital-native financial service platforms pay interest in kind and typically have robust interest rates, especially when compared to a traditional bank account or other savings account.

Lending/savings platforms

Lending/savings platforms are the services that pay interest on Bitcoin/ETH/Stablecoins. This is due to how they are able to pay interest on these deposits. These services lend out deposited funds, much like traditional banks do, and charge those customers or businesses interested. Cryptocurrencies that are more in demand will pay more interest than other coins that are less in demand. Currently, the interest rates are pretty enticing due to the fact that these coins are in high demand. Learn more about crypto lending.

Tied to supply and other economic factors, investment yield is always subject to change. We keep our rates up to date so you have the latest information in your research.

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Are your crypto holdings safe in a savings account platform?

Safety and risk are prevalent concerns for new users in this space, and understandably so. Technically, it is no longer yours when you deposit your crypto into a savings account platform. You are entrusting the platform to pay you back your crypto assets (plus interest) when you decide to remove the funds. This makes flexible withdrawals an essential feature for most people. Most of these services offer simple daily interest payouts, but they vary by service.

Flexible withdrawals are also very important when using crypto lending/savings platforms. If the deposit terms are long, you cannot react to major market shifts or have access to emergency funds. However, if you are into keeping your crypto holdings for a very long term, this might not be important to you.

It’s important to note that crypto interest accounts are not FDIC insured (Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation) like traditional savings account deposits are. This added risk is partly why the rate of return is higher than you see in other savings offerings in the financial sector (as risk is often balanced by reward).

Top picks for your cryptocurrency investments

If you are interested in passive income from your assets using a respected, known crypto lending/savings platform, we highly recommend checking our extensive reviews, curated index and how-to guides on Coin Interest Rate. We’ve been covering this space for years, so we’ve seen many services and know the top and most trustworthy services to consider using.

Very often, you are looking for the highest rates and best yields. That’s a key thing to research and compare across interest-bearing platforms, but that should not be the only or definitive factor.

Highest interest rates in the world of cryptocurrency

If you are seeking to find the best yield, and we don’t blame you, our crypto interest rate pages (Stablecoin Interest Rates, Bitcoin Interest Rates and Ethereum Interest Rates) make comparing current rates across 50+ platforms very easy to do. Sometimes, the number of coins you own may impact the rate available to you. For that, we also track caps and tiers to help you figure out the best balance for your cryptocurrency.

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Find top crypto savings interest accounts

New account users sometimes are drawn into seeking higher APYs, but we advise you to consider more factors. Interest rates are subject to change, so you might find some platforms are better for you based upon factors other than rate alone.

Traditional cryptocurrencies (like Bitcoin) don’t natively earn interest or yield, so you must use an interest account service.

Top Bitcoin Interest Rates


Wirex 3.5% – 8.5%


M2 3.1% – 10.5%


Nexo 3% – 7%

View all Bitcoin interest rates

If you are new to these services, you may qualify for promos or bonuses when creating a new account. We list all the promotions on the individual platform page, so it’s worth trying out a few services to see which one you prefer to use.

How much interest you make depends on the service, the tier you are in, and a few other factors. For example, a service has multiple levels of tiers, where the first few coins earn more interest, but the rate tapers off if you have more coins deposited.

What is a good initial investment for top crypto savings accounts?

Ultimately, this is up to you and your existing risk profile; most services pay max interest rates for 0.5 to 1 Bitcoin. If you are into trading crypto, it would be wise to take your crypto off of exchanges if you are not actively planning on upcoming exchanges or pair swaps and place it into an interest-bearing account.

What is the best crypto interest account?

Now that you know the basic fundamentals and key factors to consider when researching these services, you can see why crypto investors and crypto HODLers alike benefit from interest-bearing crypto accounts.

Ultimately, deciding which crypto interest account is best for you depends on your comfort level and your exact needs. Our site lists over 50 top crypto interest platforms with their current rates, feature overviews, screenshots, and reviews. It is our hope to become the definitive site covering these platforms and services to help make navigating this ever-evolving space as easy as possible.

Upcoming regulations in the United States 

The United States is currently going through regulations on lending/savings platforms that offer crypto interest accounts. This is primarily due to the SEC and its view on cryptocurrencies as a security. Whether or not your crypto interest account platform can pay interest depends on many factors. We are tracking these changes as fast as they happen (which is often).

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Regulators are looking deeply at Crypto Interest Account platforms for US users. Specifically, they are not accepting new interest-earning deposits from customers. Some platforms are allowing US customers that are accredited investors to continue to deposit further funds and earn interest on them; however, that sadly impacts smaller customers in an effort to protect them.

Find the best crypto interest rates for Bitcoin, Ethereum and stablecoins, all here at Coin Interest Rate.

Quick recap:

What are crypto interest accounts?

Crypto interest accounts are interest-bearing savings accounts that support popular cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin or Ether.

What are the best custodial interest account platforms for HODLers?

Custodial interest account platforms Nexo and are competitive services that payout interest rewards in the same crypto you hold in their wallets. It’s the perfect option for HODLers.

What factors should I consider when choosing a crypto interest platform?

  • Current interest rates they’re offering
  • Historical rates; how often are they chanding and by how much?
  • Do they offer compoudning interest?
  • Is there a minimum deposit amount that must be met before you can start earning?
  • How frequently are earnings being paid out?
  • Will you encounter fees for withdrawaling or moving funds out?

How can I earn interest on my Bitcoin?

Deposit your Bitcoin into a crypto interest account, which we index and cover heavily on this site. These digital-native financial service platforms pay interest in kind and typically have robust interest rates.

Are your crypto holdings safe in a savings account platform?

It’s important to note that crypto interest accounts are not FDIC insured (Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation) like traditional savings account deposits are. This added risk is partly why the rate of return is higher than you see in other savings offerings in the financial sector.

What is a good initial investment for top crypto savings accounts?

Most services pay max interest rates for 0.5 to 1 Bitcoin.

Compounding Bitcoin Interest Calculator