Bitcoin Interest Rates

Compare bitcoin interest rates (APR/APY) across savings account platforms. Sorted by best bitcoin interest rate.

Bitcoin Interest Rates BTC APY
4.60% STEADY
3.51% STEADY

Comparing bitcoin interest rates

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Bitcoin Interest Rates Compared

The simplest way to earn the maximum yield on your Bitcoin, is to compare the interest rates of other competing platforms often. Our website makes this easy to do.

Since these interest rates are constantly changing, and these platforms are competing for your business, they often will offer bonuses or incentives to new users to move over their Bitcoin. Don’t miss out on these incentives, they are a great way to earn additional money just for testing out a new account. In addition to the higher interest, you may enjoy the app experience or other products that the platform offers.

It’s up to you make the most of your Bitcoin. To do that, we highly recommend you keep an eye on interest rates and promotions on lending platforms.

Read the WSJ article about crypto interest accounts. Their take is “if you aren’t troubled by the extraordinary volatility of virtual money, you might as well earn some interest on it.

Interest-generating bitcoin savings accounts

If you’re looking to compare the best Bitcoin interest rates by platform, you’re in the right spot. We list the top BTC savings account platforms (see comparison chart above) by their current interest rates (APY/APR), and all the vital details so you can select the best one (including deposit terms and compounding interest details).

Bitcoin savings account

Interest-bearing digital currency accounts are a great way to hold long term and generate constant yield without any work on your end. Just keep the funds in the account, and enjoy the rewards.

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