Ethereum Interest Rates

Rankings of ETH/ethereum by best interest rate (APY). Sorted by best ethereum interest rate.

Ethereum Interest Rates ETH APY
4.60% STEADY
5.05% STEADY
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Earn ETH on ETH

Stacking and increasing your holdings is as easy as holding. Our rankings help you quickly identify the crypto savings account with the best interest rates and help index other critical factors in your decision to use a particular platform over another (such as compounding interest or required lockup periods). Comparing ethereum interest rates can be a time-consuming process, which we’re here to help.

Compare ethereum interest rates

Using the comparison table above, you’ll find the best services and platforms that support ETH, and their current interest rate. Our policy in terms of listing rates is not to include any bonus, or quantity-limited rates based upon coins or other account factors. We list the base rate that everyone earns, regardless of their holdings. Interest rates are subject to change, and you may find you will earn more on your specific holdings. Our reason and logic for this is that platforms can incentive the first ETH or give you extra interest if you earn in their native token (or hold a certain balance of their token), whereas the only fair way to compare them is to look at the base interest rate with no other requirement or limitation.

Staying on top of new services and platforms

As this industry moves fast, we’re finding new interest account platforms often! We only add new services after researching, testing and validating their public claims. But, this is just our research, and we recommend you do your own research as well. We welcome feedback, suggestions and corrections to our comparisons database.

Top ETH earning account platforms:

Blockfi, Celsius, Hodlnaut