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Rankings of LTC/Litecoin by best interest rate (APY). Sorted by best Litecoin interest rate.

Litecoin Interest Rates
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Finding the best Litecoin interest rates

Coin Interest Rate is dedicated to tracking the best interest rates across custodial wallets and interest-account platforms. Our tools and rankings help you identify where and how you can earn interest on Litecoin.

How do you earn interest on Litecoin?

Since Litecoin is not a native-staking cryptocurrency, how can you earn yield from it? The answer is that you must use a crypto lending platform to deposit your Litecoin. These services, listed above, pay you a yield for having deposits in their wallets, ranging from less than a percent to up to 4 or 5% annual percentage yield (APY). What is crypto lending?

More about LTC (Litecoin)

Litecoin is truly the first alt, or altcoin. Its code base was originally forked from the Bitcoin core, in 2011, by a Google employee, Charlie Lee. Lee wanted to develop a faster, lighter weight alternative to Bitcoin, specifically focusing on the long block transaction time (8 minutes for BTC). Litecoin is about 4 times faster than Bitcoin, in terms of block transaction time, at about 2.5 minutes per block.

There are many forks based upon the Litecoin code base, DASH being the most popular by market cap.

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