Unbanked Blockcard

How do you earn?

Earn 1-6% back in UNBNK, requires UNBNK staking (see chart below)
Unbanked Blockcard

Unbanked Blockcard Facts

Unbanked Blockcard Facts









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Unbanked Blockcard Review

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The Unbanked Blockcard is a crypto debit card by Unbanked.

The card is available now to all users in the United States, with international availability soon.

Blockcard costs and fees

Interestingly, the Blockcard is not free unless you spend $750/month. A $5 monthly fee is charged if you do not hit that minimum.

There is also a one-time $10 activation fee that covers KYC, so a minimum deposit of $100 is recommended.

When you signup with our referral link, you will earn $10 after you deposit $100, which will offset the activation fee.

How do I stake UNBNK to earn crypto back rewards?

BlockCard offers competitive crypto back rewards in the industry, but you must participate in the UNBNK staking program.  

Rewards are based upon the amount staked in the chart below:

UNBNK required staking
Rewards based upon UNBNK staked balance on your account

How the Blockcard works

The Blockcard is a debit card, that allows you to spend cryptocurrencies via debit card. Any balance beyond the minimum $10 is spendable.

How to get the Blockcard Debit Card

  • Create your account with Unbanked and create your initial deposit to fund your card.  Once you have a balance on your account, you can go through KYC and you can order the Blockcard.
  • Accounts currently require a minimum balance of at least $10 in order to complete the KYC identity verification process (deposit $100 to start to earn the $10 bonus to cover the activation fee).
  • Once you meet the minimum balance requirement you can click on the “Select Card” link in the dashboard which will allow you to complete KYC and activate your card.
  • Once you have completed KYC, your virtual card will be available immediately in your account dashboard while your physical card is sent to you in the mail, arriving in 7 to 10 business days. Your physical card will have a unique card number than the virtual card, but both utilize the same account balance.
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Unbanked Blockcard FAQ

Is Unbanked Blockcard currently available?

Unbanked Blockcard availability is Now.

What material is Unbanked Blockcard made with?


Unbanked Blockcard is available in what color(s)?


What credit card processing network does Unbanked Blockcard use?

Unbanked Blockcard is on the Visa network.

What is the annual fee for Unbanked Blockcard?


Questions or comments about Unbanked Blockcard?

Our team is here to answer them.