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6 ways to maximizing your yield in cryptocurrency

6 ways to maximizing your yield in cryptocurrency

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Are you looking for ways to maximize your cryptocurrency yield? Look no further, because Coin Interest Rate has your best interests in mind (sorry).

6 ways to max yield in cryptocurrency

  1. Take a look at your holdings

    … and where you store them. Are you making interest on your largest bags? Some coins yield higher than others, for example, stablecoins usually see 8% APY or higher rates on many platforms. Make a quick assessment of your holdings.

  2. Combine coins into a single wallet

    Grouping up your holdings is a simple way to make sure you are maximizing your yield and cut down on transfer fees.

  3. Move your funds to the best interest rate based upon the coin

    This means you’ll need to do some research into who has the best interest rate by coin. This is where we’ve got your back. We update our interest rates often for accuracy, so you can determine the best APY for you.

  4. Capitalize on promo codes and new user bonuses

    Since this market is highly competitive, and each platform wants your money to lend and earn yield for them, there are healthy incentives to create new accounts and earn you a nice little bonus along the way. These bonuses are changing often, and do require a minimum deposit or some type of action on their platform. But, the bonus is worth it and if you are moving funds to take advantage of a better interest rate, it’s really just icing on the already tasty cake.

  5. Rinse, later and repeat

    Do this for all your other holdings. Just because one platform gives the best interest rate on one coin, doesn’t mean it offers the best for them all. This is again, where our research will help you determine the best APY for each coin.

  6. Balance risk

    Lending your funds out with cefi and defi is not risk-free, especially compared to having your own secured wallet. But large trusted cefi platforms have proven to be a safe place to hold and grow your coins, and have customer support teams that are usually quick to respond and happy to help.

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