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ReHold Facts

ReHold Facts

Founded 2022

Compounding interest


Withdrawal fees

Network fees



Lockup terms

12/24 hours

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Nexo: Get $500

ReHold Review

Nexo: Get $500

ReHold is a DeFi high-yield, short-term investment DeFi protocol featuring Dual Investment Staking.

What is Dual Investment?

ReHold’s Dual Investment offers two staking periods: 12 and 24 hours with extremely high APRs. The type of settlement coin vary based on the cryptocurrency price at the end of the Dual, in which you recieve one of the pairs + interest at the end of the 12 or 24 hour period.

Dual Investment only requires one pair for the initial staking contract, meaning you deposit only the input token. You may receive the other pair depending on price movement. Read our full guide to understand this concept more in depth before proceeding.

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ReHold Pros

  • Dual Investment is innovative, high reward

ReHold Cons

  • Requires understanding of market dynamics and DeFi
  • Risks of opportunity cost (rising crypto market value) or loss (falling market with stablecoin as input)

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ReHold FAQ

Is ReHold interest compounded?

Yes, ReHold compounds interest.

Where is ReHold available (what countries is ReHold available)?


When was ReHold founded?

ReHold was founded in 2022.

Is ReHold available in the USA?

Yes, ReHold is available in the USA.

Does ReHold pay interest on Bitcoin?

No, ReHold does not pay interest on Bitcoin.

Does ReHold pay interest on Ethereum?

No, ReHold does not pay interest on Ethereum.

Does ReHold pay interest on Dogecoin?

No, ReHold does not support Dogecoin.

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