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Why interest is the killer app in crypto

Why interest is the killer app in crypto

The reason we created Coin Interest Rate is that we believe interest is the true killer app for crypto.

Set aside its amazing performance as a new asset class, or the price appreciation, or the revolutionary underlying technology. And even ignoring all the current use-cases, institutional adoption, and future potential that we can’t even fathom today.

Interest is the killer app.

It’s the killer app for HODLers, it’s the killer app for new users coming from traditional finance. It’s the killer app for institutions and family offices. Combine the other amazing qualities of crypto as an asset class, and it’s easy to understand why.

And interest comes from an ever-expanding array of methods. Defi has hundreds of automated market makers, generating yield from smart contracts. Cefi has smart money managers working on behalf of clients to find yield. With new platforms and coins focused on this, it’s easy to see this market will continue to expand and grow.

But, all of these services and methods lead to confusion and a large and growing competitive marketplace that can be difficult to stay on top of and get the most current interest rates. That’s where we come in.

Incentives, awards, yield, whatever you want to call it. We believe interest is the killer app for cryptocurrencies, now and certainly in the future.

Our site is focused on building the tools and resources so you can find who has the best interest rates, so you can decide on what is the best service for you.

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