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Gemini Earn Interest Rates

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Rates last updated June 26, 2022.

Gemini Earn Facts

Gemini Earn Facts

Founded 2014

Compounding interest


Withdrawal fees

Yes (transfer and agent fees)


All US states and Singapore

Lockup terms



Must be redeemed

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Gemini Earn Review

Gemini Earn Pros

  • Available in NY state
  • No minimums, no transfer or withdrawal fees

Gemini Earn Cons

  • BTC and ETH rates are lower than competition
Haru Invest (Earn up to 15%)

Gemini Earn is a simple, secure crypto interest account run by the Gemini Exchange.

Gemini offers a credit card, full exchange services and is one of the few US cryptocurrency services with New York state licenses.

Gemini has FDIC insurance on deposited US dollars (note this covers US dollars, not US dollar based stablecoins).

Gemini Earn Alternatives

Gemini Earn FAQ

Is Gemini Earn interest compounded?

Yes, Gemini Earn compounds interest.

How often do you receive payouts at Gemini Earn?

Must be redeemed.

Where is the Gemini Earn headquartered/located?

Gemini Earn is located in New York, NY.

Where is Gemini Earn available (what countries is Gemini Earn available)?

All US states and Singapore.

When was Gemini Earn founded?

Gemini Earn was founded in 2014.

Is Gemini Earn available in the USA?

Yes, Gemini Earn is available in the USA.

Is Gemini Earn legitimate?

Yes, Gemini Earn is legitimate. Located in New York, NY, they follow local regulations and only serve customers in areas ruled by those jurisdictions. Gemini Earn has been in business since 2014.

Does Gemini Earn pay interest on Bitcoin?

Yes, Gemini Earn pays interest on Bitcoin.

Does Gemini Earn pay interest on Ethereum?

Yes, Gemini Earn pays interest on Ethereum.

Does Gemini Earn pay interest on Dogecoin?

Yes, Gemini Earn pays interest on Dogecoin.

Questions or comments about Gemini Earn?

Our team is here to answer them.