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Midas Investments is available in the US. See more crypto interest accounts available for US users.

Midas Investments Interest Rates

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USDx Stablecoin Any supported USD-based stablecoin, such as USDC/USDT

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Interest rates last updated November 10, 2022.

Midas Investments Facts

Midas Investments Facts

Founded 2018

Compounding interest




Lockup terms




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Conditions/Requirements for max Midas Investments Interest Rate

Earn 3% to 4% additional APY when earning in MIDAS token with Midas Boost.

Midas Investments Review

Midas Investments Pros

  • Excellent rates
  • No lockups or tiered rates

Midas Investments Cons

  • No sign up bonus
  • Rates may change frequently
Haru: There is a better way to HODL

Midas Investments (sometimes styled Midas.Investments or Midas Invest) is a quickly growing, custodial, interest-bearing web service that utilizes optimized yield opportunities across defi lending and staking protocols to pay excellent rates. It bills itself as a passive income platform and is very easy to use.

Founded in 2018, Midas has focused on building a robust platform to help crypto investors generate sustainable streams of passive income.

Midas supports and pays daily interest for the following crypto assets:

  • Ethereum (ETH)
  • Bitcoin (BTC)
  • USD Coin (USD)
  • Avalanche (AVAX)
  • Fantom (FTM)
  • Convex (CVX)
  • Binance Coin (BNB)
  • Chainlink (LINK)
  • Binance-Peg (BUSD)
  • Dai (DAI)

+ more.

Midas Boost

An additional bonus rate (from 2-4%) can be earned if you opt-in to earning your interest in Midas, the platform’s native token. Using Midas Boost makes the already high rates even higher, but you have to believe in the long-term value of their token as you will not be earning interest in-kind on your deposited crypto.

Is Midas Investments safe?

You can login with your Google account or Discord (while not a popular or common option, we’d advise against it as it could be considered less secure). Midas uses 2FA security to keep your account secure. However, if someone does gain access to your account, your funds could be lost.

Behind the scenes, Midas Investments uses Fireblocks to secure and custody their assets. Each transaction goes thru a multi-signature process and each yield generating strategy has its own vault, which includes unique private keys for each protocol.

Personally, we have trusted Midas Investments with a % of our crypto assets. There has been no indication of any insolvency or other potential concerns of losing the capital deposited into the platform, in fact the CEO has spoke publicly about the strength of the financials for Midas. However, as it was in the case of Celsius Network, there was no indication from the company before they paused all withdraws, effectively locking all deposits on the platform.

Anytime you trust a third party with your assets, it involves risk. Deciding if the risk is worth the return is a very personal decision.

Midas Overview/Screenshots

Midas Investments Review

In our testing and experience with Midas, it has been very positive overall. They have paid out interest daily, without any issues. They have dropped their rates slightly over the past few months, but almost every other interest-bearing account platform has done the same in the current market conditions.

The interface and website is very pleasing to use, it is clear what you have deposited and easy to view your daily payouts. Toggling on Midas Boost is also very simple, and can be done on individual cryptocurrencies (for example, we are earning in Midas on Bitcoin, but are earning Ethereum on Ethereum). And this can be changed any time, with a single click.

In terms of risk, it’s often said the higher the rates, the higher the risk. And it’s likely that Midas is using some higher risk strategies to pay the high yield. Midas doesn’t shy from disclosing some of the broad tactics it uses in deployment of your deposited funds. You can check their website for more details, but they do use liquidity pools (on Uniswap v3), hedge token farming and other lending/borrowing techniques.

No lockups mean you start earning interest immediately, and you have constant access to your deposits. Our withdrawals were made nearly instantly, much faster than many competitors.

Built-in swaps are also a great feature, but the service is missing on a few popular coins that we’d like to see added (we’re looking at you, Solana) that would make swaps even more useful.

When compared to other platforms, Midas is really refreshing and rewarding to use. Its rates are at the very top of our crypto interest account rankings, so you know you’re earning the best of the best.

Overall Midas Investments Review and Score

Interest rates 5/5
Ease of use 5/5
Features 4/5
App design and experience 5/5

Overall score: 5/5, Excellent

Where does Midas Investments rank?

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Midas Investments FAQ

Is Midas Investments interest compounded?

Yes, Midas Investments compounds interest.

How often do you receive payouts at Midas Investments?


Where is the Midas Investments headquartered/located?

Midas Investments is located in Switzerland.

Where is Midas Investments available (what countries is Midas Investments available)?


When was Midas Investments founded?

Midas Investments was founded in 2018.

Is Midas Investments available in the USA?

Yes, Midas Investments is available in the USA.

Does Midas Investments pay interest on Bitcoin?

Yes, Midas Investments pays interest on Bitcoin.

Does Midas Investments pay interest on Ethereum?

Yes, Midas Investments pays interest on Ethereum.

Does Midas Investments pay interest on Dogecoin?

No, Midas Investments does not support Dogecoin.

Questions or comments about Midas Investments?

Our team is here to answer them.