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Compare crypto interest rates easily (guide)

Compare crypto interest rates easily (guide)

If you’re on a quest to compare crypto interest rates across the best interest-bearing accounts and platforms, you’ve found a great resource. Our site is core-focused on ranking the best interest accounts and makes comparing interest rates easy (and even possibly a little fun). Here’s how.

First, what crypto interest rates are you looking for?

We have separate rankings for Bitcoin, Ethereum, and our combined Stablecoin index (in which we combine any supported stablecoin across platforms into a single combined rate).

Directly compare crypto interest rates across platforms

If you’ve isolated a couple of platforms that you are considering, our Compare Tool makes it super easy to compare crypto interest rates side-by-side directly.

Select one platform on the left side and one on the right on the dropdown menus. The table will update in real time, comparing the two services. Eureka!

Interest rates absolutely subject to change

Part of the process to maximize your yield is that you need to be aware that interest rates are subject to change and will. This means that just because you were earning 8% last month doesn’t mean the platform you are using won’t reduce the rate on the next.

This means it’s up to you, the noble HODLER, to stay on top of these rates. While it’s easy to just let things ride and sit back in your castle, sometimes it’s financially beneficial to move your funds around. Doing so allows you to take advantage of significant differences in interest rates, especially if the platform you were using dropped its rate significantly. Let the competition in the market work in your favor.

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Staying on top of crypto interest rates

And that brings us to the end of our quest for now, but the battle for maximized yield is never truly over. But don’t go alone! Take this site with you (by bookmarking it). Follow us on Twitter. We’re doing the heavy lifting and research to make staying on top of these interest rate changes easy for you.

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